The Emir of State of Qatar His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, allowed the Christians residing in the State of Qatar, to establish their own churches in Qatar for religious worship. The Government of Qatar has also allocated land for the construction of buildings for religious worship to the member Churches of Inter Denominational Christian Church - IDCC. (Registration No.11-7532-00).

We have dedicated the Church for the glory of the Lord on March 28, 2009. Doha Tamil Churches (group of 4 individual Tamil churches), is one of the member church in IDCC. Word of God Tamil Church is a part of Doha Tamil Churches. Praise be to His Name!

  • Word of God Church

    (Non-Denominational Full Gospel Tamil Church)
  • (Under the patronage of - Inter denominational Christian Church-IDCC)
    (Member Church of Doha Tamil Churches)

Pastor. David .T


Doha - Qatar

Pastor. David .T
Word of God Church
(Non-Denominational Full Gospel Tamil Church)

eMail :
Mobile : +974-5526-4318

Worship Time:
9 am to 11 am Every Friday (Morning Service-Antioch Hall A @Anglican Center)

6 to 8:45 pm Every Friday (Evening Service- Bldg #3, First floor, IDCC Complex )

8:00 am to 10:30:am Every Friday @ Al Khor, Building: 33 Zone: 74 Street: 898

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Pastor. David .T
Word of God Ministries Trust
(Non-profit & Religious Trust - Reg. No. 99/2007)

Berachah,4-5-416 Andoor,Kulasekharam (via), K.K. Dist-629 161, Tamil Nadu, India