In Christ Jesus

 Bro. Michael Jacob

Why does The Bible say we are "in the Lord" "in Christ" or "in Christ Jesus", but never "In Jesus" or "in Jesus Christ" ?.

"JESUS" is the name given Him at His birth. It is His lowly name as a man. "CHRIST" (which means the Anointed) is the name given Him when He is anointed by God after His Resurrection (see Acts 2:36). It is His glorious name.

"JESUS CHRIST" conveys the thought that this lowly Jesus is to be CHRIST in the future; while "CHRIST JESUS" means who is now is the same who was JESUS before.

Why not "in Jesus" or "in Jesus Christ" ?. This is because we are not united to the Lord while He lived on earth. We have no union with Him on His Son of Man side. "JESUS" is His name as the Son of Man. He as the Son of Man is far above all men in virtue and in beauty. With such life we have no portion. The meaning of "JESUS" is Savior. We are not united with Jesus because we do not, together with Him, save people.

To say "in the Lord", "in Christ" or in "Christ Jesus" is to indicate that due to Christ's being raised from the dead, God ' has made Him both Lord and Christ, and in that respect we do have a share in Him, because we have a share in His resurrection.

"JESUS" is a personal name, whereas "CHRIST" is a name Corporate as well as personal. Read I Cor 12:12. Here it does not say "So also is Christ and the Church". It simply says Christ. The head is Christ so also the body is Christ. And this is the Corporate Christ. The Bible mentions the name of "Christian" but never does it say "Jesus man" . For Christian is a part of Christ. "Jesus" refers to His experience on earth as Son of Man. His life is most marvelous but it is beyond the touch and reach of men. But we are Christians, CHRIST-men. The head is Christ, the body is also Christ.




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