The Sixth Day

Bro. Michael Jacob

On the sixth day man was created. He was created according to God’s image. Let us notice that man was ‘created’ (Gen. 1:27) by God. He was not ‘evolved’ from the lower animals. Evolution? (Gen.1:12) Herbs can not become trees, nor trees change to be herbs. (Gen. 1:21,25) Each and every species of created beings is after its kind. God has clearly ordained the boundary of each kind. Not only is it impossible for a plant to become an animal, it is also impossible for one species of plant to become another or one species of animal to be come another species of animal.

We thank God for the simplicity of His word. (Gen.1:26). The word ‘US’ reveals the plurality of the God head while the word ‘make’ shows the Unity of God’s will. In the first chapter of Genesis the phrase ‘God Said’ is used 31 times. What God says is ‘His Word’ .

Now before God created man, there was a pause. There was a council among the God head, and the decision was Gen. 1:26. In pondering upon this Divine Council we can understood how carefully God worked. Due to the failure of Satan and the pre-Adamic race, the earth became waste and void. Then God restored the earth and its heaven to be habitable. All the living creature were made now ready. But then a pause. And then a conversation among the God head.

Yet what is the purpose in creating men? ‘Let them have dominion’ Satan has failed. He no longer can rule the world. It is now to be a new order, God appointed man outside the power of Satan - to rule over the newly recovered the earth and all in it. If man could preserve the sovereignty which he received from God then Satan would merely hold to an empty title. For God intended to destroy Satan through man.

On the sixth day man was created in God’s image and after His likeness, Unfortunately through sinning he lost the image and likeness of God. For when God created man, He created him to represent His own glory.

Gen 1:29,30 - in the world before sin entered in, meat was not eaten. Even in the future. Only in the sinful world has meat became a necessity. In this world of ours which is full of evil, ‘to abstain from meats’ (Gen. 4:3) is to deny that the world is under a curse.

Gen. 1:31 - God never made anything bad.

The work on the sixth day is like that of the third day, for it too is divided into two parts. The making of the living creatures on earth is the workdone during the a first part of the sixth day. This indicates that the outward expression of life is progressive. Here there is no water in view, and hence is the development of virtues in the new man. Fish, birds, cattle, creeping things and beasts serve as types of man(Math. 4:19, Acts 10:12,28)

Gen. 1:26,27 - This brings us to the second coming of Christ. Regeneration, co-crucifixion, co-resurrection, ascension and manifestation of life is the goal of spiritual life.

Gen. 1:26,28 - dominion - millennial kingdom - Luke 19:17 - To be saved merely requires a person to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. But to reign with Christ demands faithfulness, suffering and Victory.

Gen 1:29 - A plant which yields seed is symbolic of life. It has the power of life within. Only that which has life in it is worthy to be our food. Rev. 2:7,17. The matter of food continues after Resurrection. Today we are to foretaste what we shall have in the future.. Math. 4:4, John 4:34 , 6:35,54. Today if we wish to be strong we must feed upon God’s word and upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

On the sixth day Eve was built to be Adam’s wife Gen 1:27;2:21,22. Eve was meant to be a type of the Church. Together they shall rule the world. All powers were given to them. God did not rule the world directly. He delegated His authority to Adam. At the return of Christ to earth, He shall set up a millennial kingdom to rule the world. The first part of the sixth day’s work pertains to the Lord’s Second coming (that of creating Adam) and the second part of the sixth day’s work (that of appointing Adam to rule the world) pertain to the Lord being a King. Phil. 2:9

Adam shared his authority with Eve. Although it was Adam who directly ruled the world, Eve helped him in ruling.




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