Bro. Michael Jacob

Five is the number of GRACE

The Word ‘Grace’ occurs 160 times in the Bible

Four is the number of the world. It represents man’s weakness and helplessness. But 4+1=5 is when Divine strength is added. We are made perfect in our weakness. ‘My Grace is sufficient for thee’

Grace means favor. What kind of favor ?

Favor is of many kinds. Favor shown to the Miserable call Mercy.
Favor shown to the Poor we call Pity.
Favor shown to the suffering we call Compassion.
Favor shown to obstinate we call Patience
But favor shown to the UNWORTHY we call GRACE.

"Being justified Freely by this GRACE" (Rom. 3:24).

It was so with Abram.

There was no cause why God should have called him and chosen him. There was no cause why God should have made an unconditional covenant with him and his seed for ever. It is the GRACE of God.

Therefore the number 05 is stamped upon this covenant. Five Sacrifices, a heifer, a goat, a ram, a doe and a pigeon(Gen. 15:9).

It is remarkable that afterwards when God changed Abram’s name to Abraham(Gen. 17:5), the change was made very simply but very significantly by inserting the Fifth letter (Hey).

                    ABRAM ->    ABRAHAM

All this was of GRACE. When this change was made ?

It was when Abraham was called to "walk before God". In a very special manner. He was to walk by Faith and not by Sight.


The Fifth book of Bible (Deuteronomy) Magnifies the Grace of God.
Read Deut. 4:7,20,32,37; 8:11,17 etc.

The ‘Stone’ Kingdom will be the Fifth Kingdom succeeding and comprehending the four great world-powers.

Israel came out of Egypt.Five in a rank.
Exod 13:18(margin: they went up by five in rank).

Five Smooth Stones David used: (I Sam 17:40) they were significant of his own weakness supplemented by Divine strength and he was stronger in this weakness then all the Armor of Saul.

Fifth Book(Deuteronomy) - Jesus used in His conflict with Satan
(Math. 4:1-11; Deut 8:3; 6:13,16).

The Promise- Lev 26:8 - Note it does not say "Five shall chase a hundred"; but ‘Five of you’- Five whom God has redeemed and delivered.

The preference-(I Cor. 14:19). Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.

Jehovah’s demand to Pharaoh Pharaoh-Five-Fold-objection

Exodus 5

i)   Jehovah said His word - Pharaoh opposed v.2.
ii)  Jehovah’s people -"Let my People go" to this Pharaoh objected (Exod 10:9-11).
iii) Jehovah’s Demand "Let my People go".  Pharaoh  said no(Exod. 8:25) Moses Reply Exod.8:26.
iv) Jehovah’s feast - "That they may hold a feast unto me" - Pharaoh objected Exo. 10:24 -
     Moses reply 10:26.
v)  Jehovah’s separation "In the wilderness" Pharaoh objected 8:28

The perfection of Grace demanded of Jehovah for those ‘whom He hath redeemed’.

The Tabernacle

Outer Court - 100 Cubits long 5x20.
50 Cubits wide 5x10
On either side were pillars - 60 in all. 5x12 Grace in Government.
Brazen Altar - 3 Cubits high - provision was Divine.
Holy of Holies and Holy Place = 30x10 cubits.
Holy Anointing Oil - composed of five parts (Exod. 30:23-25).
        Myrrh - 500 shekels (5x100)
        Sweet cinnamon 250 shekels (5x50)
        Sweet Calemus 250 shekels (5x50)
        Cassia 50 shekels (5x10)
        and olive oil One hin.

The Incense (Exod 30:34).

Five parts - four were sweet spices and one was salt.
The incense was called by various names Pure, Perpetual, sweet, Holy.

No invitation of it was allowed. It indicates the precious merits of Christ though which alone our prayers can go up with acceptance before God. Incense-Prayer (Rev. 5:3). The smoke of the incense was always associated with the smoke of the burnt offering. It was the fire from the Brazen altar which kindled the Incense on the golden Altar. It was five of NO earthly origin. It came down originally from heaven. (Lev 9:24; Judge 6:27; I king 18:38; I Chron 21:26; II Chron 7:1). Incense kindled with ‘strange fire’ was visited with immediate death Lev. 10:1; Num. 3:44; Num. 26:61 and incense not made of the prescribe five ingredients were forbidden to be offered (Exod 30:9; Psalm 141:2; Rev 8:3,4; Lev. 7:12; Ps 51:12; Hosea 14:3).


Words that occur five times

Mat-tahn = gift

Gen. 34:12; Num. 18:11; Prov 18:16; Prov 19:6; Prov 21:14.


Gen. 20:5; Psalm 26:6; Psalm 73:13; Hos 8:5; Amos 4:6.

Parakleetos-comforter -John 14:16,26; 15:26; 16:7; I John 2:1(Advocate).

Phrases which occur Five times -

"Bless the Lord O my soul" -Psalm 103:1,2,23; 104:1,35.




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