Bro. Michael Jacob

Luke 15:1,2 ; Song of Solomon 5:16

1. A true friend loves heartily

    JESUS CHRIST'S love is an abounding and abundant love. As He loves so He speaks. "He having loved, loves, to the end" John 13:1.

2. A true friend is very needful. David though a great man needed friends. The centurion was a great man, yet had his friends Luke7:6.

    CHRIST is the MOST necessary friend. He is of ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Living and dying without CHRIST will be miserable.

3. He that is Friend indeed, will make His Friend's case His own.

    CHRIST did not only sympathize with us "but saved them" Isa 63:9. He is said, "to be touched with the feeling of our infirmities" Heb 4:15, Zech 2:8 whatever wrong is done to His people. He takes it as done to Himself.

4. A True friend keeps up the honor and reputation of his friend.

    Though the enemy may attack us, Christ has stood up for us. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

5. He is most desirable. Man is a social creature and therefore desires to seek friendship.

    CHRIST is most desirable. He is altogether lovely, "who accounted all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus CHRIST" Phil. 3:8,9,10.

6. A friend indeed will give demonstration of his love and friendship. (a) He will study his welfare (b)He will speak to promote it (c) He will act to effect it.

    CHRIST has given full and perfect evidence of His love and friendship. His thoughts are about them and His words and works are all for them. Psalms 139:17, Jer.29:11.

7. A friend indeed gives his friend a room in his heart.

    Isaiah says " He layeth them in His bosom. He loves to hear from them, rejoiceth to see them" Isa. 40:11, Song of Solomon 2:14.

8. A true friend is always ready to impart his secrets to those that are his friends.

    "Shall I hide from Abraham the things I do ?" Gen. 18:17; Psalms 25:14.

9. A friend will not spare pains nor cost to help him whom he loves.

    CHRIST will perform to those whom He loves from the uttermost to the uttermost.

10. A true friend will tenderly admonish whom he loves.

    CHRIST will not suffer His people to lie under sin, 'O how is He concerned when they are ensnared " I know thy works, thou hast a name to live, and art dead - I have not found thy works perfect before God" Psalms 119:67,71; Rev. 3: 1, 2.

11. The counsel of such a friend is profitable and should be acceptable.

    O ! how profitable is Christ's comfort! Psalms49:19, Psalms 16:7, Psalms 73:25.

12. A true friend will not suddenly or easily hear any report against his friend.

    CHRIST will not take measures by information, but by the perfect knowledge he hath of them, and if they have done anything wrong, he will reprove them, but gently for their profit. Heb 12:8

13. A true friend greatly rejoiceth in the prosperity of his friend.

    CHRIST rejoiceth in the prosperity of His people (I John...)

14. He that Friend indeed will be faithful. He will not leave His friend in difficulties.

    CHRIST , "Having loved His own that were in the world, He loved them unto the end" John: 13:1."Yet nevertheless the Lord stood by me" II Tim. 4:17





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