Bro. Michael Jacob

" A bundle of Myrrh is my Beloved unto me" Song of Solomon 1:13.

Myrrh is a kind of precious fruit, it is bitter but most fragrant and of excellent use in Body.


Myrrh has a perfuming quality. It is used for perfuming garments and other things. Psalms 45:8 (Prov 7:17) Jesus CHRIST hath a perfuming virtue. Song of Solomon 3:6. We read of the sweet scent of the Church. How comes she smell? It is from the communication of the sweet graces of Christ to her
Myrrh is a rare and rich perfume, a fit present for the king. The wise men honored CHRIST with Myrrh Math. 2:11. CHRIST is the richest and purest perfume heaven and earth can afford. Rev 8:4,5
Myrrh has a preserving quality. It keeps things from corruption, putrefying and rotting. Hence the friends of CHRIST brought Myrrh, aloes, and other spices for the embalming of His BODY after HIS crucifixion John 19:39,40 CHRIST has in HIM a preserving quality or power. Sin is of a rotting, stinking and putrefying nature. But in a special manner He preserves our souls
Myrrh has a beautifying quality. The virgins that prepared themselves for Ahasevrus made use of Myrrh. (Book of Esther) It is good to take away the wrinkles from the face and to make the skin smooth and shinning. JESUS CHRIST makes every believer beautiful Ezek 16:14,Eph 5:27
Myrrh is not easily known. Many cannot discover it. The TRUE CHRIST is not easily known. Many will take the false Christ instead of the  TRUE CHRIST
Myrrh has a healing quality. It dries up rheums, clears the voice, helps the bad breath in the mouth to go. JESUS CHRIST has all medicinal virtues. "BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED" Isa. 53:5. He makes prayer, the breath of the soul sweet when we offer it in HIS NAME.
Myrrh was the first principal ingredient in the HOLY ANOINTING OIL. HE IS THE MYRRH Tree from there the DIVINE OIL flows wherewith we are anointed




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