Jacob’s Journey(Gen. 28 & 29).

Bro. Michael Jacob

 Jacob went out of the home. After traveling about 40 miles of mountain country, he reached a rocky valley with stones piled up like a huge stone ladder. As he lay down and slept, it seemed that stone stair case reached the sky. He saw angels of God ascending & descending.

Banished Earthiness

*Top Reached heaven.
What the Ladder was to Jacob, Jesus is to us.(John 1:51).
Jesus is: Our connecting link with Heaven, all blessing come to us along that way.

Banished Loneliness

*Angels of God ascending and descending.
Jacob thought he was alone, but the Vision showed him innumerable company around him.
Note "Ascending and Descending". The angels home at present in the earth.
Far away from his beloved mother, he found himself cared for by angels.

Banished Helplessness

He had felt defenseless in that wild region, the Vision shows armies for his safety (28:15).

Banished Aimlessness

God took him into partnership with Himself (28:13-15). He would realize that he was partner with God in the fulfillment of the Divine purpose. He now had an object in life.

Banished Ignorance(28:17).

It revealed to him his sin. It is an eloquent testimony of man’s consciousness of sin, that whenever God becomes a reality to a worldly man, he trembles.

Banished Homelessness(28:17).

He was driven away from his father’s house, but he got to know of God’s house. Jacob loved home more the Esau.

Note :   Luz-Separation from the world
            Bethel-Adoption into God’s house, God’s family, House of God.




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