Forty two months and one thousand two hundred and Sixty days !

Bro. Michael Jacob

Forty two months and one thousand two hundred and sixty days refer to the end time, a period where Anti-Christ will exercise all his power. They refer to the last part of Anti-Christ's rule which is three and a half years and is called the 'Great Tribulation' period . At that time the Anti-Christ will be in full power and persecute the children of God especially the Jews and will set up his image in Jerusalem temple(which will be rebuilt) and will make the people to worship his image. But the question is why it is denoted in two different ways? Why not say that period will last for three and a half years? Why say as forty two months and one thousand two hundred and sixty days? Is there any significance?

"But the court which is without the temple leave out and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles : and the Holy city shall tread under foot forty and two months.

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and three score days " (Rev 11 : 2, 3)

The complete reference to this time period in the scripture is given below:

Forty two months:- I Kings 2 : 24; Rev 11 : 2;Rev 13 : 5.

One thousand two hundred and sixty days: - Rev 11 : 3; Rev 12 : 6

Every word, every number , and every letter in the scripture is significant. For a long time this was a mystery to me till the Lord revealed to me through His Holy Spirit which I wanted to share with you.

Forty two months: - This is a reference to the last part of Anti - Christ's rule which is three and a half a years. But forty two is always associated with evil and evil men.

6 x 7= 42

It's factors are six and seven. Six is a number of Man (on the sixth day man was created ) and seven is spiritual perfection, therefore, forty two becomes significant of the working out of man's opposition to God.


Ref : - I. The food of Egypt is given in six items Numbers 11 :5 that is

1. Fish

2. Cucumbers

3. Melons

4. Leeks

5. Onions and

6. Garlic

Whereas the Divine provision given in the land of Cannan is marked by the number seven. Duet 8 : 8

1. Wheat

2. Barley

3. Vines

4. Fig trees

5. Pomegranates

6. Olives and

7. Honey

Ref II : - Israel's lovers are represented as giving to her six things. Hosea 2 : 5

1. My bread

2. My water

3. My wool

4. My flax

5. Mine oil and

6. My drink

Whereas Jehovah speaks of His own precious gifts of love to his people, they are seven in number. Hosea 2 : 8,9

1. Corn

2. Wine

3. Oil

4. Silver

5. Gold

6.Wool and



Ref III : - Forty two wicked children (youths) mocked the ascension of Elisha and were cursed. II Kings 2 : 23,24

Therefore, forty two is always associated with evil and evil men and is used in the Apocalypse to describe the time period of Anti-Christ.

One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty days :-

During the same time period that is 'great tribulation' God is sending His two super witnesses to witness about Him and the judgment that is to come. For 1260 days is exactly three and a half years in God's calendar (360 days=1 year). God will give power to them. (Rev 11 : 3). God is never without a witness at any stage of the human history.

Therefore, 1260 days is always associated with God's children or the 'Elect of God'





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