Never Underestimate

Ms. Shwetha Muthu

Iím just a small part
Of this world; I know,
And often I feel thatís
Too small a role

I canít make a difference
I canít create a change
What I do goes unnoticed,
What a shame!

ďBut wait a second,
You havenít seen it all
Sometimes most benefit comes
From things that are smallÖ

Imagine the nail that holds
Your clock on the wall
The nail wouldnít be of use
If it hadnít been that small

Ripples in water may
Start with a drop,
But those little waves travel
Afar and one seen a far

That fire destroyed that house,
Didnít come from a bomb.
It came from a matchstick,
That is oh! so small.

Never underestimate
The role you play ó
Donít question your worth
Every single day.

Youíve been given that role
Youíre here, not without a cause
Start using your strength
Donít look at your flaws

Be the best you can be
Where you were put to be
Thatís what the Lord expected
When He put you here, you seeÖĒ


©Word of God International Ministries